It would be our greatest pleasure to get to know you and capture your Love Story. To catch hold of those fleeting moments. Those first looks, the tears of joy, the laughter, the kiss - and put them into something creative that you can cherish forever. Whether it is through photographs or film, these keepsakes are the things that you can look back on 50 years from now and hold dear to your heart. Because at the end of it all, the celebration will be over in the blink of an eye. But your story can really last forever with our truly unique and personal creations.

Why choose TRIO Stories?

For one, it's in the name. We love Stories, and 'love stories' have been the heart and soul of film since film first began. So what better way to expel our creative energy than to tell real life Love Story of your wedding day.

Second, we're Romantics.  We love when the guy gets the girl, a kiss in the rain, surprise flowers. Romance is alive and kicking. To witness a day fuelled purely by love is a real life Hollywood dream.  

With our fly on the wall approach, we'll turn your once in a lifetime experience, into something you get to relive again and again. We inconspicuously document your day with our artistic eye honed in by your needs & ideas.

So, Photo or Video? Maybe both?

We've grabbed your attention - Excellent. Now it's time to decide just what sort of coverage you are searching for. With extensive experience in both Photo & Video we recommend choosing exactly what's best for you, as well as your budget. Photographs have become an absolute must-have for a modern day Wedding. And with the increasing dominance of Social Media, Wedding Videography is becoming more and more popular. But what is right for you? We offer Photography, Videography and Combo packages for the ultimate coverage. 


Are you planning on taking your love worldwide? We'd love to document the journey of a lifetime. Where you leave as mere mortals and return as.... newly-weds.

We love to travel. Travel was the original inspiration for TRIO Stories. So we offer amazing discounts on our usual packages for any Wedding outside of the UK! 

As avid travellers, we have extensive experience photographing new destinations. At 23 years of age, we're currently clocking in at visiting over 20 European Countries & well above 60 European cities.

Along with speaking 3 languages fluently, we have extensive Photography experience in the UK, Croatia, Poland, and France.



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