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Events are our passion. It sounds cheesy, but we've been huge fans of events long before we even branched into photography or videography. As children, we'd long for the local town's fairground week to begin. When Bart & I got together back in 2012, our first week as a couple we went straight to London for the Olympics. Even now, every month we make sure we head to at least one big-city event. We're outgoing, we love to party, sport is our daily bread - events are our thing.

But our absolute favourite part about Event Photography & Videography - meeting and working with the people behind them. The big bosses responsible for events are so passionate and driven by what they do, that these are, without a doubt, our favourite people to work with. Being able to deliver them a creative product - whether it be photos or video, that shows off their event and business in the best light, that's magic.  

With our expertise and people skills, we can capture both the artistic and documentary style shots to show off all aspects of your event and brand. Seeing people having fun, laughing, learning, dancing, swimming - these are the exact stories of people that we want to tell. Whether we film a winner firing across the finish line, fans illegally lighting flares, or friends dancing the night away - we want to capture the raw emotions as they happen. And ultimately, make everyone want to be there next time.


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Events Photography

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Events Videography

For the last two years now Sally and Bart have been covering our windsurfing event at Zoo Station Bol windsurfing center in Croatia. Both their photos and videos are amazing. They made great action photos and videos of the windsurfing competition, but also managed to cover the leisure part, evening events and parties. Catching all those small details that can make a big difference. To say that we were very happy with their work would be an understatement, But even more important we love their positive attitude and passion for their work. To sum up - guys thank you very much for the great work and the great company, and please make sure to reserve a week next summer for us.
— Zoo Station Bol, Croatia

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