Up Up and Away #WHPLookUp

For this first time, we got involved in the Instagram Hashtag Project #WHP. This is a weekly challenge chosen by Instagram to inspire all Instagram users to get creative with the theme and post their content. This weekend the theme was "Look Up". After scrolling through the entries, in all honesty, you can feel pretty deflated (balloon puns). There are some absolutely mind-blowing content creators out there. 

Despite this, we finally decided to take the leap of faith and give it ago. After all, no one ever improved their skills by not-trying. 

Our photo involved a trip to the beach, an over-priced sack of air, and the "Gdynia City Museum" as our urban-inspired backdrop. To be truthful, this was supposed to be just a casual trip to the beach. But when we spotted these balloons, the idea came to us like a cartoon lightbulb and we knew that we had to give the project a whirl. Without any professional gear to hand, we had to settle for the most universal camera there is - our iPhone. We're pretty pleased with our submission.