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Sal - the CREATIVE boss

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As much as we might try to hide it in public, we're family. Bart & Kacper by blood, Sal by well, her own stupidity.

We're the TRIO & we love to tell stories - as in, literary works of art, not ‘lies’.

Using photo, video and visual media, we create tangible products from memories and fleeting moments. We literally capture moments in time, that can be enjoyed and cherished for years to come.

We started TRIO Stories as a way of joining our creative passions and to be able to work together everyday.  We love to have fun and this essence of banter aids our creative process in mastering our crafts. 

We believe that our personal touch makes the world of difference. We want your personality / your brand / your love, to shine through our work. Because no matter how many times people will claim otherwise, cameras don't take good photographs - people do. #micdrop

The TRIO - Bart, Kacper & Sal


Photography & Videography


Photo, Video & Creative Solutions


Photo, Video, Creative Solutions & Brand Design

It’s rather fitting that as a TRIO, we engage in 3 areas for content creation: Weddings, Events and Brands. Now the last two are largely interlinked and form the majority of our portfolio. As business owners ourselves we understand the demands for high quality media, therefore we want to relieve you of those worries, and take on the task of building you a smashing brand identity. A couple of areas in which we particularly excel: SPORTS & COFFEE - having equal adoration for them both, we love any project vaguely involving either. Seriously, feed us coffee on site and we’re yours.

We’re very proud to have recently started our collaboration with Arka Gdynia F.C - a football team in the Polish first division. For the layman and English man amongst us, this is sort of the Stoke of the Premier League - you know, circa 2015. This massive opportunity is giving us free rein to develop our creativity and filmmaking arsenal (#footballpuns). And because Bart is in charge of communications, football seems to feature rather heavily in our portfolio, as we are also the media team for Home Fans - the Yacht Week of the footballing world.

One thing that is important to understand about us and the TRIO, is that this isn’t a job for us. We do this because we love it. We work with the people that inspire us and with the projects that we believe in. We’re immensely proud to work with our partners and we take every job to heart. We will work our metaphorical socks off to do our very best work every-time.

As for weddings - we’re suckers for romance. We love your wedding day, and we simply want to give you something from it, that you can treasure forever. You know, besides your actual marriage.

Well that’s, not such a short word from us, and by us, I mean Sal because the other two are practically illiterate. Thanks for your time and we can’t wait to hear from you!